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Meet the Spiritual Butterfly Olivia The Bull

Meet Olivia Thompson aka Olivia The Bull. A native of the West Coast, Olivia started her creative journey at FIDM as a Product Development major. Igniting her individual artistic and free spirit, she began to develop her abilities in the form of divine manifestation and later went on to become a Intuitive Counselor and self love advocate.

Over the years, she’s learned that circumstances don’t determine who she is or who she can become and to not limit, label, or minimize herself. Her ongoing life’s journey, is to be open minded when approaching her relationships, future successes, spirituality, and growing with every step. She enjoys helping people feel beautiful and connected to their higher self, by sharing and growing with them through her experiences, both ongoing and passed. Using this inspiration and her training in intuitive counseling, she personalizes an insightful plan with her clients to reach their most powerful and pivotal healing moments.

With creative expression and her passion for helping others, she embodies self love, divine spirituality and internal healing to become the best version of YOU.

Subscribe to her YouTube Page Oliviathebull, Follow her on Instagram @Olivia_thebull, and visit her website

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