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RIP Nipsey Hussle

It was truly a moment in history where the world stopped due to the tragic passing of Nipsey Hussle. I felt the pain of every man I knew when they spoke about how much they admired him. It seemed too soon and too sudden. I am inspired by hip hop culture, however, I didn’t listen to his music much. I knew him more for his relationship with Lauren London and she seemed happy and they were in love. For that I admired him. Because of who he was, a genuine man who came from humble beginnings, I respected him.

After the reality started to settle in, I wanted to create something that would represent his influence. I started to draw his photo on a acrylic nail tip. All the detail is hand painted with custom colors. After looking at the mural, I knew I wanted to make it more bold, as he was. I decided to create it into a ring, featuring a cross necklace and a NIP crown.

Later that year, there was a opportunity to enter a Celebrity Mural content for Nails Magazine October 2019 issue. I was chosen as a honorable mention and featured in the magazine. It was a very exciting and humbling experience.

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