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Staying Sane in Quarantine

How are you doing during your quarantine? I've been holding up for the most part with some highs and some lows. It's been a month since I've interacted with my clients, worked my normal, yet busy day filled with appointments, commuted back and forth to NYC, ate at a restaurant, met friends at a bar, gave someone a hug, had a conversation with a stranger, or traveled out the house without anxiety. The list goes on. Its been a weary time in history where no one from any particular background, with a certain amount of money, or social status can control or opt out of. We are all affected the same.

In a world filled with some many differences we embrace, now is the time when a unexpected and unwanted event has us all at its mercy. Everyday we are being bombarded with new alerts and updates critical for our survival. Most of it overwhelming for the average person. I made an effort to weed out what I read and listen to. The information can become redundant and depressing. The number of deaths are going up and although, hospitals are releasing more recoverees, it doesn't stop the fact that someone we know or someone that knows someone has passed away due to Covid 19. I never imagined this would and could be our norm. Just like that I realized I took external freedoms in my life for granted. However, despite the tragic moments we experience, there's always a silver lining.

The best part of the quarantine for me has been, catching up on my to-do list, reading, hiking, having time to have meaningful conversations on the phone, and stopping to take time to let all my loved ones know how much I appreciate them. It's given me time to self reflect, perfect some areas of my business, relax and breathe. I'm relearning who I am outside of work. Along with self care, my close friends and family have given me hope that we will get through this together. The support and love has been a undeniable gift I underestimated.

It is important to love, help, support and live through these times. These in fact are the most valuable gifts that are free and give us our most freedom.

My best tips are to communicate daily with someone you love, get fresh air, keep busy with things that make you laugh, learn something new, limit when and how much news you want to hear, support your network, help those around you and CONTINUE TO LIVE FREELY!

I hope you all are safe and stay blessed.

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