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Meet the Gorgeous & Glamorous MUA & Graphic Designer Jalisa Boynes

Jalisa Boynes is a Professional MUA, Graphic Artist, and Naturalista. A graduate from FIDM in 2011, Jalisa studied Product Development. Born and bred in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands she used her cultural flavor and influence to drive her creative passions.

After winning a fashion design contest, post high school, where she created and constructed her own original pieces, she enrolled in FIDM in 2009. She worked hard in her major expanding her skills in graphic art, styling, and fashion design.

Today, she is based in Orlando, Florida working as a entrepreneur and cofounder of AndThenThereWasz offering beauty services and products. She has perfected 'the beat' leaving her clients beyond flawless and adding the final touches with her lush lashes (Styles WIFEY, TOP BACK, & JUICY).

Returning to her natural hair journey she has developed a hair growth oil made of powerful natural ingredients such as henna, castor oil, avocado oil and more. This perfect blend promotes healthy hair growth and leaves your hair volumous and lucious.

But not only does she slay the make up and hair game, she also is a talented graphic artist. She has perfected her designs over the years, creating tech packs for apparel design, and branding material such as logos, business menus, photo touch ups and more. She is a bonafide entrepreneur and force to be reckoned with.

Follow this beauty on Instagram @pineapplegoddezzz and visit her website at!

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