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R E S P E C T {the Woman}

"Strong means she protects her joy and peace, she covers her family and friends, and she stands up for what is right, even if she has to stand all by herself. A strong woman who doesn't pretend to be strong but actually is strong lives a life of balance." unknown

A woman is a being to be acknowledged, respected, protected, supported, loved and honored. What would the world be without women? In short, there would be no world. We bring life to people around us and innately are the very first inspirations of our future generations. We grow, shape and mold who the next successor is and what they believe in. We come from the definition of blood, sweat and tears and for that reason we are delicate but triumphant like beautiful flowers grown from the soil underneath us.

Beat doubt, fear and confusion. We are too powerful to be broken by what we have created on our own.

-Jasmin Joi

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