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Political Awareness: A Face for the Cause

For the past 8 years we had the pleasure of having Barack and Michelle Obama leading our country. They set the model for what a respectable, hard working, dedicated and loving couple should be. Some people will never understand the impact they had on our country, communities and families but I am honored to have witnessed this historical moment. January 20, 2017 was the inauguration for a new president, Donald Trump; Some overjoyed and many overcome with anguish. It is unfortunate to have this great divide in our country because of the person chosen for our president. The reaction caused protests to take place in different cities, big and small all over the country. The biggest of them all, being the women's march that I had the opportunity of being apart of. The cause was to support and unify what women stand for in our societies, whether in business relations and personal relations in the home . It was a march for women empowerment and civil rights. Being that our new president had gotten a lot of backlash about his lack of respect for women and different races or anyone who falls in a lower economic bracket, the march was also a protest against his personal opinions and what he stands for,

Currently our country is suffering. There is more than one factor attributed to this fact, however, the big elephant in the room has to do with race. Many turn a blind eye to the fact that racism still lives. There is a unspoken learned and institutionalized prejudice that runs deep in the American people that stems back to slavery. (Watch the documentary 13th that highlights Blacks being criminalized unjustly on purpose and more than any other race). And sadly, history repeats itself. We have suffered the losses of many black men and women to police brutality or white supremacy. Just because the color of their skin, they were handled with more force and violence. Others wrongly accused and punished unfairly. The saddest part is the people who have committed these hate crimes have gone without punishment and rightfully pardoned for their actions. I don't agree with crimes made consciously and their should be consequences but murder is not one for the recent events that have occurred. Equality and respect for all mankind is the answer. Slowly but surely we will get there.

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